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Anticipointment -  The feeling of waiting for something that it ultimately not going to have the outcome you wish it did. Like waiting for a new software release, especially if you’re not part of the beta program.
Commando Monday -  a mythical practice for IT Pros working from home to be in various states of undress for their Monday morning team calls. This is why we no longer use Video Conferencing.
- Synonyms: aka Underpants Monday
Convergsation -  An informal exchange of ideas, by spoken words, regarding Converged Infrastructure.
Dick Waving Contest -  An activity that usually involves two, or more people who dispute their superiority to the other(s). Referenced in vSoup Episode #4
Fondleslab -  A portable touch screen device often fondled in public.
General Purple -  Fictional (?) character who made a surprise visit in episode #40.
Hipster-IT - 
Definitions are too mainstream.
Layer 8 -  The user layer of the OSI model. Non-existent but often blamed. Referenced in vSoup Episode #4
Potato -  The root of a plant that has brown, yellow, or red skin and white or yellow flesh and that is eaten as a vegetable. Also used to impersonate Christian when not at VMworld.
Roundbus -  Roundbus is a form of open talk or discussion, but with a twist. It’s done on a bus.
Server Hugger -  A slang, sometimes derogatory, term for an individual or a business group who demands physical control over the server hardware, instead of the application. Server Huggers are often driven by the desire for flashy blue lights.
vSouptionary -  A reference collection containing a list of words, or terms, with information about them. In this case, specifically with regards to words and terms used in the vSoup podcast series
Weird -  A word commonly used by Christian to describe anything and everything. Referenced in a lot of vSoup episodes, except episode #7 for some weird reason.
Wife Acceptance Factor -  Especially important when building home labs, the Wife Acceptance Factor comes into consideration when looking for hardware. Noise levels, size and design are common WAF criteria.
- Synonyms: WAF
Inspiration and credits to Greg Ferro for his Network Dictionary