vSoup Nested Accountants #41

Another naked one, with just the three of us. Budgets and accounting, and Christian kind goes on a rant. And this podcast thing, does anyone really care/listen to them?

Oh, and Google buys a bit of hot air/smoke Nest, is that an internet of things or an internet of Google?

And we couldn’t resist, should VCDX design samples really be available?

vSoup General Purple is better than Agent Purple Any Day #40

Yay, we turned 40. Collectively that is.

For the first recording in 2014, we do it like the last time; Three guys hosting, no guests. Except for General Purple that is.

Other than that, we talk a bit about Chris’ career change, business travel, hypervisor footprints, Windows Server Clusters and filer appliances. Also, does virtual appliances add or reduce complexity?

Kendrick Coleman’s JumpSquares, his very own cloudy thing, and we might have a suggestion or two for it as well.

Oh, and some of us has found an F-ing cool tool too.