An informal exchange of ideas, by spoken words, regarding Converged Infrastructure.


The root of a plant that has brown, yellow, or red skin and white or yellow flesh and that is eaten as a vegetable. Also used to impersonate Christian when not at VMworld.

Commando Monday

a mythical practice for IT Pros working from home to be in various states of undress for their Monday morning team calls. This is why we no longer use Video Conferencing.

Server Hugger

A slang, sometimes derogatory, term for an individual or a business group who demands physical control over the server hardware, instead of the application. Server Huggers are often driven by the desire for flashy blue lights.

General Purple

Fictional (?) character who made a surprise visit in episode #40.


Roundbus is a form of open talk or discussion, but with a twist. It’s done on a bus.


A portable touch screen device often fondled in public.


The feeling of waiting for something that it ultimately not going to have the outcome you wish it did. Like waiting for a new software release, especially if you’re not part of the beta program.

Wife Acceptance Factor

Especially important when building home labs, the Wife Acceptance Factor comes into consideration when looking for hardware. Noise levels, size and design are common WAF criteria.