vSoup Double Dippin’ the Wahl #52

Chris Wahl (Not Spongebob)

We got the double VCDX Chris Wahl, and we got him to spill the beans on where the VCDX-NV’s came from. And no, it is not from the Iliad. We talk certifications, and answer the age old questions; “Is is wise to try to certify when you are hung over?” and “Can a server actually blind you?”.

There has to be some some wisdom hidden in there somewhere. Chris is also doing a VMUG tour of Europe, bringing along his immense Minesweeper knowledge. Be sure to catch “Chris does Europe” if possible.

Other than that, Proximal Data, cache products (including the usual rant from Christian) and home lab talk. All in all a really mixed bag of somethings, which I guess sums us up pretty nicely.