vSoup Ball Slinging #16

Luigi DanakosChris CicotteTim Oudin

Once again the vSoup crew get involved with extreme sports, and get three guests all at once. Lugi Danakos, Chris Cicotte and Tim Oudin from the vCommunity Trust joins us to explain just what they are up to, and why!

We even get into some rather “hairy” suggestions for future fundraising activities for the vCommunity Trust and we eagerly await the various vendors response!

Note: We have to make a correction after the fact, the #vTrust structure allows sponsoring of any candidate globally and not just US.


Your vSoup has been served! Episode #1

The first order of vSoup has finally been served.

In this first episode Chris, Ed and Christian talk about automation, backups and even the dreaded cloud word.  For more information on the hosts, check the bio page!

The podcast should be available in iTunes in about 24h, but for now you can listen to it right here.