vSoup Everything is Better with Bacon #7

vSoup Episode #7 is now available!

Sean Clark
Sean Clark is our esteemed guest this time so naturally the first topic is
Argyle Sweater vests and Crocs, which surely is a winning combo?

Tech Field Day and Stephen Foskett, gets a lot of praise, but when will we get one in Europe? Xangati gets (even more) praise for the now infamous bacon and chocolate espresso beans serving!

How about a Cherry Pie and Bacon combo? It has already been done, Chris!

How about virtualizing your SQL servers? Do they require bacon? How do you go about setting up your storage for virtualized DBs? The Oracle tax on virtualization and licensing to finance uncle Larry any way around it? Is there a VMware vSphere Cluster size sweet spot, and if so, do they really resemble making love to a woman?! Will Christian reach virtualization nirvana in 2011? Party in the datacenter? If not, at least he gets to play with his fondleslab and vCenter!

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Competition Time

We don’t have a new competition this time, but we do have a winner from our last one! As usual we numbered all of the comments, but this time we decided to do a manual draw. The winner, and only contestant, is <insert drumroll here>: @dncns! Congratulations, we’ll make sure David Owen sends you his mug!

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vSoup Failure Rate #6

vSoup Episode #6 is now available!

David Owen
David Owen, who is not from Newcastle, is our esteemed guest. We get into certifications again, mainly the DCUCI and VCDX certifications. Is the VCDX actually worth it? Is the VCDX like the iPad 2? Wantware?

Will three yearly VCDX defenses be enough, or has VMware dropped the ball? How about those VCDX fauilure rates?

Of course, since David is our guest, the we also get into UCS and the little known UCS Express gets mentioned as well. Of course, there is room for some rather off topic talk too, like “Does being electrocuted by a server rack cause hair loss?” and can the Tesla electric cars run more than 20 minutes? Network discovery tools, are there any good ones out there?

There was also a call for virtualization community fundraiser for Japan!

Anyone in the community want to organize that and get it started?

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Competition Time

Since we got no participants in the contest for Episode #5, we’ll save the cheesehat and t-shirt that Bob provided us with for later. We do however have a new contest this time as well, where David Owen generously offers to give away some vMackem.co.uk coffee mugs. Or you might just get a cheesehat, who knows?

Competition question: VMware vCenter Operations is the product formerly known as?

As before, we’ll number all the correct answers and draw one at random when the next episode is served.

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vSoup the USB deviation #5

vSoup Episode #5 is now available!

Gabrie van Zanten
Gabrie van Zanten is our guest in Episode #5, where he explains some of the magic behind his Cheap disaster recovery with PowerShell concept. Management through a single pane/pain of glass also gets a mention. We even manage to find time to go sobbing about how generous and great the virtualization community is.

Is the world ready for DHCP only networks? Or how about production vSphere environments running of USB sticks? Seems like the dutch are, but is the rest of the world?

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Competition Time

First off, in Episode #4 we had the HA & DRS Technical deepdive up for grabs. We’re pleased to announce that the winner is:

Congratulations Damian Karlson! We’ll be in touch to get your shipping address, and we’ll be sure to get the HA & DRS Technical Deepdive shipped your way as soon as possible.

New competition

Bob Plankers has decided to sponsor this episodes grand prize! To celebrate the Green Bay Packers and their win in Superbowl XLV he will provide a lucky listener with a cheese hat and a t-shirt from the University of Wisconsin, Madison! Of course, the lucky winner will have to provide us with a photo of themselves, or a hot loved one, in said outfit.

Competition question: How many DHCP servers did Christian manage to connect to a corporate network, and wreck total havoc?


As before, we’ll number all the correct answers and draw one at random when the next episode is served.

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vSoup Big Fat Pipes with Bob Episode #4

vSoup Episode #4 is now available!

Bob PlankersBob Plankers from The Lone Sysadmin joins us this episode for a veritable buffet of vSoup, it seems to be of a distinctly networking flavour this week with a light scatting of certifications, conferences and books on top.

Speaking of Books, we have a copy of the  VMware vSphere 4.1 HA and DRS Technical deepdive (Volume 1) by Duncan Epping & Frank Denneman to give away to a lucky reader. As with the last entry, please leave a comment with the answer to the following question:

Contest question: Where does Bob work?

As before, we’ll number all the correct answers and draw one at random when the next episode is served.

The Prize!

Episode #4 Linkware:

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vSoup on the Desktop – Episode #3

vSoup Episode #3 is now available!

Julian WoodIf the normal dose of Chris, Ed and Christian isn’t enough, this time we brought on a guest as well: Julian Wood who blogs over at WoodITWork.com

Episode #3 Linkware:

Episode #2 Competition winner !

We numbered the entries on order of their age and used the True Random number Generator to select a winning number…

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Congrats to @mwpreston, who had comment number 3! Your free copy of the vSphere Troubleshooting Training Course is on the way!

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vSoup – Now with Crutons! Episode #2

vSoup Episode #2 is now available for your podcasting pleasure. This time around, Chris, Ed and Christian talk about blogger recruitment, high availability, security and the HP Proliant MicroServer.

Episode #2 Linkware:


Software Weirdos


HP ProLiant MicroServer

Competition time!

vSoup in conjunction with Trainsignal have a giveaway for this episode of the podcast. Simply follow @vsoup_podcast on twitter & leave a comment on this thread with answer to the question below
(which curiously enough, you’ll find within the podcast 🙂 )

A correct answer will be picked at random and the lucky winner will receive a free copy of the vSphere Troubleshooting Training Course – for a review of the course have a look here

Contest question: “What is the RPO of Ed’s Mission Critical systems?”

For extra special cruton points, answer the following bonus question as well:
How many times does Christian say ‘weird’ during this episode?

And remember: You’re already in it.

Your vSoup has been served! Episode #1

The first order of vSoup has finally been served.

In this first episode Chris, Ed and Christian talk about automation, backups and even the dreaded cloud word.  For more information on the hosts, check the bio page!

The podcast should be available in iTunes in about 24h, but for now you can listen to it right here.